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Improving Energy Efficiency


When the request came in to inspect and repair the lighting in a residential Sunshine Coast home, our qualified electrician visited the site and met with the client for an obligation-free consultation at zero cost.

Rather than simply changing old for new in an exact replacement, we discussed the pros and cons of each scenario with the client so they could make an informed decision.

We looked at the differences between LED, halogen and fluorescent lights and how the long-term costs or savings is more than just the purchase price.

After looking over the lighting situation, two options were evident:

  • Replace the halogen and fluorescent bulbs in the existing light fittings
  • or
  • Upgrade to new LED light fittings


A halogen light, or incandescent bulb is cheap to purchase initially, however they need to be frequently replaced and pose potential fire hazards around the home.

Considerations for halogen bulbs:

  • Your air conditioner or cooling system will have to work harder to compensate for the extra heat being generated by these bulbs
  • Only 10% of the electricity used by these bulbs goes towards creating light
  • These bulbs only last for around 1000 hours

You are paying a lot more for halogen lights in the long run


Fluorescent lights are cheap to purchase like halogen bulbs, but last much longer (approximately 9,000 hours).

Considerations for fluorescent lights:

  • They last approximately 9000 hours
  • Frequent switching of a fluorescent light on and off will significantly lower its lifespan
  • Significant temperature drops or rises will affect their efficiency and the quality of the light they emit.

The real issue with these bulbs are that they contain mercury which can be harmful to both people and the environment.

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LED Lighting Solutions

LED lights use only a third of the energy of fluorescent lights and potentially reduce your lights’ energy consumption by up to 80%.

Considerations for LED lights:

  • They last up to 80,000 hours
  • Switching on and off doesn’t affect its lifespan

LEDs are cheaper over the long run


After running through the options, the customers were happy that we suggested the upgrade and decided to switch to LEDs. They were amazed at the amount and quality of light in their home with these new lights.

If you’re considering upgrading or improving the lighting in your home or commercial premise, talk to the Zehn Electrical Services team who can help you consider the choices that could have much larger benefits for your wallet and the environment in the long run.

Choose the Sunshine Coast electrician committed to quality, safety and service. Contact our team today for a free inspection & quote!